Krishnamurti  Padhdhati is also called as Stellar Astrology or simply as KP

Krishnamurti covered almost all aspects of a human life from astrological point of view.  This is just a short, representative list of some of the aspects that he had discussed in his books. 

Physical features (marks, scars and Moles on the body, Longevity, Short, Middle and Long life, Bhadhakasthana, Kendrasthana, Marakasthana)
Mode of death (Death through lion, cobra bite, or septic or poisoning, End: Pleasant, painful, good ar bad, place of death
Air Accident
Escape from an accident, 
Health and Disease
Finance and Fortune
Future prospects)
Retirement -when? 
Gain by lottery-luck
Luck by Races
Finance by borrowing
Free from debts
Theft and recovery
Brothers and sisters (Hindu Traditional Astrology & K.P.)
Sorrow through brothers
House to dwell in (Purchase of a house, Disposal of a house)  
Education (Astrology, Mathematics, Law, Logic, Engineering, Medicine, Philosophy, Music, Journalism, Auditing-Accounts, Geology, Geography)
Farm and Future
Shall I own a cinema Theatre? If so, when? 
When can I clear off loan
On blindness
Health and Heart
Will stammering disappear? 
Time of Marriage (Is it promised or not? Marriage is promised but it comes off late in life, Longevity of partner) 
Scholarship for higher studies
Higher studies and foreign country
Change in Job, 9th house explains
Profession (Nature of service, Length of service) 
Profession: Principle (Which profession will suit me? )  
Independent Business
When will I get my first salary? 
Reinstatement in service
Termination of service
When will I retire?
Will politics suit me? 
Will I be selected as a minister? 
Choice of friends (friends or foe) 
Giving or receiving
Accepting gifts
Spiritual life
..and more