Music, Dance, Acting as a Career

So what is astrologically needed to have a successful performing arts career?

1. 5th house represents all forms of creative self-expression. 
2. Many art forms will demand by-birth or acquired skill such as instrumental or vocal music, painting, dance or sculpture. Venus needs to be strong otherwise one would only reach the status of a B, C or D grade artist. It is another story that these days even D grade artists get a chance to go on a world-tour. 
3. Connection to the 10th house (house of profession and also how one is publicly seen) creates the necessary potential and the chances for one to choose or get into performing arts in the public domain. Otherwise it would remain as a strong hobby appreciated amongst a circle of rasika friends.
4. Mars gives the courage to overcome stage-fright.  
5. The 6th house helps win over competitors. If one is participating in Indian Idol or other similar shows with a competitive edge, 6th house need to be strong.
7. The 11th house is the house of networking, circle of friends, fans and well-wishers. 11th house would determine the number of Facebook Likes and the Twitter following one would have.

And last but not the least is the 3rd house representing media and all forms of publicity including social media. Keep them in good humor. No yogas are required for this as this is just common sense.

Let us see the magic of these combination in the horoscope of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Bhav Chalit Chart

1. Lagna (ascendant is Taurus ruled by Venus) 
2. Moon in the star of Mercury in 5th. Mercury in Libra ruled by Venus.
3. Mars in Libra ruled by Venus. Mars in his own star in 5th.
4. Mercury in Libra ruled by Venus. Mercury in star of Mars in 5th.
5. Jupiter in Taurus ruled by Venus. Jupiter in Mars' star in 5th.
6. Venus in Ketu's star in 5th.
7. Saturn in Ketu's star in 5th.
8. Rahu in Mars star's in 5th.
9. Ketu in Libra ruled by Venus. Ketu in 5th.