Role of 6th House in Mukesh Ambani's Horoscope

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are grouped as the Earth Houses and together referred to as THE TRINITY OF WEALTH.  These houses (2, 6 and 10) are mainly responsible for the extent of material success in one's horoscope. 
 2nd house influences accumulation of money (bank balance) and other immovable assets such as properties, houses, jewelry and various other acquisitions. 10th house rules profession and indicates the extent of success in terms of professional/business accomplishments, name and fame etc.

What is very significant about 6th house is that it helps one win over competitors and indicates victory over enemies. What does victory over enemies mean  for an ambitious business magnate such as Mukesh? Well, he is one of the richest persons in the world.



Sun is in 6th house in the star of Ketu who also occupies the 6th house.
 Moon is in the 2nd house in the star of Ketu who occupies the 6th house.
 Mars is in his own star in 7th but owns the 6th house.
 Mercury is in the 6th house in the star of Venus who is also in 6th.
 Jupiter is in the star of Sun who occupies 6th.
 Venus is in the 6th house in the star of Ketu who occupies the same house.
 Saturn is in the star of Mercury who occupies 6th.
 Ketu is in the star of Sun in 6th.
 Rahu is in the star of Jupiter who occupies 10th.

 There are two more noticeable combinations in Mukesh's chart.
 The 9th house indicates father. The 10th house from 9th indicates the profession of the father. And what is that house? It is again 6th house. This shows a business that has been inherited. 
 We have seen how majority of the planets are connected to the 6th house in Mukesh Ambani's horoscope.  Now, it is true that he inherited a well-established corporate empire from his father the Late Dhirubhai Ambani. But it is not easy to manage such a vast corporate empire and ensure that it grows from strength to strength. One has to be born with excellent understanding of the intricacies of running such a huge corporation. 
 In Mukesh's chart Moon gives the required native intelligence to handle this challenge. The Moon that rules the mind and provides the natural orientation for one to excel in a field is placed in the 2nd house of his chart. Moon in 2nd house rules over finance/bank/wealth etc. gives a natural flair and aptitude for business administration. One would be born with that kind of ability. 
 Credit for this natural flair that he must have gotten from birth goes to him alone.